Vax S5 Steam Cleaner Review

Vax S5 Steam Cleaner Review

Vax S5 Steam Cleaner

The Vax S5 Kitchen and bathroom master is earlier version of the Vax S6 which we reviewed previously. Now the S5 is still a very good product it offers some good features which its elder brother doesn’t.


The information provided in the booklet is easy to follow. One gripe we do have its not clear on how far you should hold the nozzle from your cleaning surface. We also found it didn’t explain what results to expect once you had steam cleaned the surface, it would have been useful for newbie.

When you have finished unpacking the package (there are numerous accessories) the first thing that hits you is the amazing small size of your Vax S5. it measures roughly 26w x 26h x 21d(cm) even so the box is fairly large. The machine holds all but the cleaning head and expansion tubes.

Steam Cleaner Reviews have covered the VAX S6 the next model up in a earlier review.


Vax S5 Kitchen and Bathroom Master Compact Steam Cleaner AccessoryBox Contains

  • 1 × S5
  • 1 × Measuring jug
  • 1 × Funnel
  • 1 × Floor head connector
  • 1 × Concentration nozzle
  • 1 × Large plastic brush
  • 1 × Detail nozzle
  • 1 × Scraper tool
  • 1 × Grout brush
  • 1 × Floor head
  • 1 × Floor head cloth
  • 1 × Window / Upholstery tool
  • 2 × Upholstery cloth
  • 1 × Guarantee registration card
  • 1 × Instruction manual

The Vax S5 Steam Cleaner is easy to pull.  It comes with a very long cord, and once you have filled it up with water using the measuring jug and funnel, you will find it’s not heavy at all. Once switched on it took about 8 minutes to heat up. You will see a green “GO” light come on. The nozzle comes with safety catch which you unlock, and then you squeeze the trigger to release the steam.

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In my first outing with cleaner, I decide to work on my bathroom grouting which needed a good cleaning. Vax include a grout brush in the accessories kit. I cleaned the grouting with minimal scrubbing, and the filth was removed by the steam. I applied some water to get rid of the muck remaining. It was quite impressive seeing all the grouting looking much cleaner than before, and later the nozzle worked like a treat around taps and bath handles. However I did resort to using an old toothbrush to reach in the hard-to-reach areas with the nozzle and the steam pressure was set to the max.

Vax S5 Kitchen and Bathroom Master Compact Steam Cleaner front viewVax S5 Kitchen and Bathroom Master Compact Steam Cleaner back

So far I can truly say this Vax S5 steam cleaner is more impressive than my Penguin cleaner which  I owned previously, and cost me nearly as much as this one. However the Penguin cleaner had poor steam pressure compared to this Vax S5 Kitchen and bathroom master. Vax has packed enough steam pressure in this nifty device and it’s very quick to increase the pressure rate.

I spent couple of hours steaming different parts of my home and have had great success cleaning my ceramic floor and wall tiles. When I was steaming around the taps, grouting, and the handles, I saw amazing results such as the residue and grease came off easily. I then moved on to cleaning my hard floors.  For this task I used the floor head provided in the box and it was easy to use and clean.

Now onto the Pro’s and Con’s of the Vax S5

Good Points

  • Powerful steam pressure
  • Good sized water tank
  • Lots of accessories provided
  • Easy to store
  • Lengthy electric cord
  • 2 year warranty

Not so good points:

  • If you have sensitive hearing then you might find it noisy, on one occasion had to wear ear plugs but i have sensitive hearing.
  • Some of the accessories look flimsy
  • No water tank level barometer
  • One cloth only provided for upholstery cleaning.

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I have now used the steamer to clean ceramic floor and wall tiles, grouting, windows, carpet, wooden floor, the bathroom (sink, taps, shower doors, head & floor) a hob, conservatory roof and the fascia’s around my house, all with great results.

I believe this is a great little steam cleaner and it does deserve a place in the steam cleaner reviews ranking. After using it for while my house is much cleaner than before and it smells much nicer. This Vax S5 Kitchen and bathroom master gets 4/5 rating.


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Vax S5 Kitchen and Bathroom Master Compact Steam Cleaner compartment

I am really impressed with this Vax S5 steam cleaner. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a steam cleaner.

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