Using Your Steam Cleaner to Make Those Halloween Horrors Disappear Forever

Using Your Steam Cleaner to Make Those Halloween Horrors Disappear Forever

As Halloween approaches, it is important that you prepare for the spooks and horrors that are sure to invade your home by pulling out your steam cleaner. Trails of gooey candy, remnants of makeup used to create spooktacular costumes, stains left behind from the brightly-colored witches brew, and pieces of Jack-o-lanterns caked into the carpet are all common horrors that exist after all of the tricks and treats have been completed for the night. It is not at all common to wake up on the first day of November to find that the Halloween festivities from the night before went a little further than you expected. Here, you will learn how to use your steam cleaner to make those Halloween horrors disappear forever.

Gooey Candies and Other Sticky Stuff
Let’s face it, gooey candies and other types of sticky stuff are the hallmarks of Halloween. Unfortunately, if these types of items find their way onto your floors, your furniture, or even inside of your vehicle, they quickly lose their appeal. In fact, when we discover gooey candies and other sticky stuff in these areas, we quickly develop an immediate distaste for the fun and excitement that comes with Halloween. The good news is, you do not have to! All it takes is a steam cleaner, a bit of mild detergent, and a little vinegar to remove these substances from any type of floor, any piece of furniture, and from all those cracks and crevices in your vehicle!

The Putrid Pumpkin Remains
Carving pumpkins and pulling out the insides to create fall-seasoned dishes are extremely common tasks around Halloween. Unfortunately, it is not at all uncommon to find that accidentally dropped pieces of pumpkin may quickly and easily cake up on your floors, furniture, porches, and outdoor walkways. There is no need to fret, though! Just pull out your steam cleaner, pour water in the reservoir, and allow it to heat to its highest temperature. Once the steam cleaner is hot enough, place it over the putrid pumpkin debris and allow it to sit for a few seconds. This will loosen and soften the pumpkin so that you may lift it and remove it from the surface that it has impacted.

Spooky Stains
Halloween results in vast arrays of spooky stains. Food coloring stains, makeup stains, candy stains, punch stains, fake blood stains – you name it, it will probably happen on Halloween. Unfortunately, stains are often difficult to lift – depending on the surface where it is embedded. To lift these stains, combine vinegar and mild detergent. Spray on the stain and allow the mixture to work for a bit. Then, pull out your steam cleaner and allow the head to sit on the stain for a few minutes, then, clean as normal – in back and forth motions. Instantly, those pesky and spooky stains will be lifted!

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(as of 29-10-2015 04:50:59 UTC - Details)
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