Using a Steam Cleaner for Asthma

Using a Steam Cleaner for Asthma

It has recently been established by medical professionals that using carpet steam cleaning equipment throughout the home assists in reducing asthma signs and symptoms. According to studies, there are several home-related environmental-based hazards for asthma sufferers. Examples of these hazards include low air quality inside of the structure, household chemicals, and asthma triggers such as mold, moisture, dust mites, and pet dander. Asthma is a chronic lung-based disease that inflames and actually narrows the airways. If you suffer from this medical condition, you should consider using a steam cleaner for asthma.

By utilizing carpet steam cleaning equipment throughout your home you can successfully reduce the hazardous materials throughout the structure that may result in the onset of breathing complications. If you are ready to eliminate the asthma signs and symptoms that detrimentally impact the quality of your life, continue reading for detailed information on how your carpet steam cleaning equipment may assist you.

Carpets Collect Toxins That Result in Asthma Signs and Symptoms

According to studies, it has been established that the carpets throughout your home have the ability to collect toxins that may result in complications with asthma. Examples of these toxins include dust, dirt, and even dust mites.

In some instances, mold and mildew may develop within the carpets. When walking on the floors in your home, the movement may result in the debris from the carpet to be kicked up. You may be able to see this cloud of debris, but, in most instances, you will not see it; however, just because you cannot see the debris does not mean it is not affecting your respiratory system.

Even brand new carpeting may expel certain substances into the air as a result of the manufacturing process. Examples of these potential asthma irritants include formaldehyde and various other forms of noxious organic-based compounds. By using carpet steam cleaning equipment on the carpets of the home, you may reduce asthma signs and symptoms by eliminating dust, chemicals, and other types of debris on your floors.

Synthetic Cleaning Products Irritate the Airways of Asthma Sufferers

It is a known fact that spray cleaners, specially-designed carpet cleansing formulas, mopping formulas, ammonia, and other types of synthetic cleaning products used in and/or around the home irritate the already-sensitive airways of asthma sufferers. By using carpet steam cleaning equipment in and around the home, you can avoid having to purchase and utilize these chemical-based cleaning products. The water that is used with carpet steam cleaning equipment heats to such an immense degree that it cuts through dirt, eliminates stains, and even kills germs, bacteria, viruses, and dust mites.


If you or a loved one suffers from asthma signs and symptoms, you should ensure that all irritants are removed from the home. By using a steam cleaner for asthma, you can achieve success. You should simply review the various types of products that are currently available to consumers and choose the make and model that is most appropriate for the surfaces that you have a desire to clean within the home. By using carpet steam cleaning equipment, you will be able to eliminate asthma signs and symptoms and breathe easier!


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