Use Your Tile Steam Cleaner to Kill Dust Mites

Use Your Tile Steam Cleaner to Kill Dust Mites

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you will be pleased to know that it is possible to kill dust mites by using your tile steam cleaner. According to medical professionals, dust mites are the most common causes of allergy symptoms and asthma complications. The World Health Organization states that allergies rank in at number four on the list of the most chronic conditions that negatively impact the health of people around the world. Just two decades ago, allergies ranked in as number six.

Steam Cleaners Review All in One H2O X5 Steam MopOut of all of the people that experience negative bouts with allergies, approximately half are said to have a sensitivity to dust mites. In fact, out of all of the respiratory-based allergies that impact human health, dust mites are responsible for 70%. If you have a H20 steam mop and are tired of breathing problems, skin irritations, and other allergy symptoms, you have the tool to wage war against the dust mites in your home, and win!

The Dust Mite
The dust mite is an arthropod that is so small that humans are unable to see it with the naked eye. In fact, these creatures are said to measure approximately ¼ of a millimeter. These are a very primitive species that has no eyes and no respiratory system. The majority of their lives are spent eating, reproducing, and simply eliminating waste. In most instances, an egg transitions into adulthood within 3 to 5 weeks. Once an adult, the dust mite may live for up to 4 months.

It is most common for these creatures to thrive in areas that have high humidity and temperatures from the upper 60s to the upper 70s. In total, to date, 13 species have been identified. The arthropods prefer to feed on the skin from people. It is common for flakes of skin to become embedded in furniture, bedding, and more. Studies have concluded that adults shed up to an average of 1.5 grams of skin on a daily basis. This is enough “food” for approximately 1 million of the dust mites!

Eliminating the Problem
Eliminating dust mites is no easy endeavor. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most complicated of all tasks for individuals that have asthma and/or allergies. The only areas of the world where people experience virtually no issues with these creatures are those that are considered to be extremely dry and Antarctica. Nearly every single home has dust mites. In fact, the problem is so severe that most people purchase a tile steam mop for the purpose and intent of eliminating the creatures.

Vacuuming, simple dusting, and other types of cleaning steps do not eliminate the problem. Heat is the solution. This is where the H20 steam mop comes in handy. The water that is placed in the tile steam mop products currently available on the market heat to very high temperatures. Once dust mites are exposed to these temperatures, they completely die. The tile steam mop may be used on floors, carpets, furniture, bedding, ceiling fans, counters, and more! If you want to eliminate dust mites and overcome your asthma and/or allergy symptoms, put your tile steam mop to work today!