Use a Steam Cleaner to Avoid Toxic Household Cleaners

Use a Steam Cleaner to Avoid Toxic Household Cleaners

As a consumer, it is quite likely that you have purchased a vast array of household cleaners to eliminate germs, kill bacteria, remove dust, disinfect, and deodorize. It is not at all uncommon for each of us to use a wide variety of soaps, bleaching agents, polishes, and specialized household cleaners to tackle the bathroom, the glass in and around our homes, the drainage system, and appliances with these products. We all want our homes to sparkle and have a sweet smell lingering in the air. While household cleaners do clean, disinfect, and deodorize, they have been found to cause pollution of our indoor air. If these substances are ingested, inhaled, or touched, they could poison and/or physically harm us. According to statistics, the most toxic substances in our home are our household cleaners. If you want to avoid exposure to these toxins, you should steam clean instead!

The Power of Steam
A steam cleaner is a very powerful cleansing agent. It is a machine that contains a water tank. Inside of this tank is a heating element. This is designed to heat the water up to, at least, 140°F. These cleaning devices do not require the use of any type of commercial household cleaning products. Instead, they use the heated water to clean, disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize the surfaces in which they come in contact. Most people believe that a steam cleaner may only be used on floors and upholstery, but, the truth of the matter is, the steam cleaner may be used on virtually every single surface of the home, if the appropriate attachments are used. If you want to eliminate the possibility of becoming a victim to the substances of household cleaners, the steam cleaner is the way to go!

The Downside to Household Cleaners
In order to truly understand the toxicity of household cleaners, it is important to know and understand what these substances are capable of doing to you. The following outlines many different types of injuries and illnesses that have occurred after using household cleaners:

  • Numerous household cleaners have resulted in severe burns to the skin and the eyes.
  • Those that have ingested toxic cleaners have suffered burns to their throat and their esophagus.
  • Many people have suffered from lung complications, such as the inability to breathe and asthma, after being exposed to household cleaners.
  • Headaches, sneezing, and vision problems have been reported in those that use cleaners that have fragrances.
  • Many individuals have suffered long-term health effects, such as disruptions in their hormone levels and the onset of cancer.
  • Damage to the brain and other components of the central nervous system has been linked to the use of household cleaners.
  • Decreased sperm counts have been reported.
  • Toxic household cleaners have been linked to birth defects.
  • Many have developed breast cancer after exposure to toxic household cleaners.

While it is true that all of the household cleaners that are sold on the market today will aid in providing a fresh-smelling sparkle to your home, those same substances have the ability to damage your health. If you have a desire to clean in such a way that you retain your health level, you should opt for using steam cleaners. All it takes is water, electricity, and a few attachments and your home will be cleaner than you ever thought possible!

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