The Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop Review

I’ve always hated mopping my floors.

It’s not only one of the more boring chores, i never felt like my floors were properly clean, steam cleaner reviews came to the rescue and now have given me the Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop to test. I had been reading the review of  H2O X5 steam mop but i think that is a gimmick.

I spent 10 minutes reading the instructions together withno issue buying the cleaner ready to use; it had become quick and simple to put together. There’s two types of cylinders on both sides of the unit one for water and another for the cleaning solution, this slide off for filling.

Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop

The unit can be used with or without cleaning solution, which is great for a quick clean and also cost effective. The micro fibre cloth literally sticks to the bottom of the cleaner & pulls off to be cleaned in the washing machine when it’s dirty.

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I started work on the kitchen floor tiles first as set out in the steam cleaner reviews instructions.  How surprised I was to find that the steam cleaner actually cleaned the floor better and without all the hard work, the head glided round the units with ease.

I got able to use one hand to pull the trigger to produce steam and to slide the cleaner back and forth & tougher marks came away with just an extra glide across them. The floor was cleaned in half the time it takes me to mop as I did not have to rinse and squeeze in between eachstub an mark.

The Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro is the answer to my pray.I own a mop that cleans brilliantly, hygienically along with little effort. What I really love about this is the great 8m long electric cable so you can easily move from one room to another.

The addition of detergent to a steam mop means that you really can cut through grease and stubborn marks in a whizz! The mop easily gets into all of the corners in the room, around table legs.

Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop Buy the S2S Bare Floor Pro

Rugs and carpets can easily be freshened up with use of the carpet glider which although doesn’t clean carpets, removing small particles for dust and nasty smells. The cleaning fluid that comes with the Vax does the job well, it leaves a fresh scent which is not overpowering.
Steam cleaner reviews gave me an extra task to perform with this mop and it was to scrub the dirt out of the groves in the floor that has built up despite using a normal mop and bucket. Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro managed to remove some of it but not enough for it to the pass task set.

Once you are finished cleaning your floors, simply sit the mop back on its cooling base for a bit to let it cool down, take the cleaning pad off and pop it in the machine for a quick wash, hang it to dry and it’s good to go the next time without having all the dirt left from the last time like you would with a standard mop.

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The steam cleaner reviews team have had this mop for a while and the extra pad was useful as the first one was worn out.

This powerful steam cleaner is perfect for a wide variety of sealed bare floor surfaces including tiles, lino, laminate and wood. A carpet glider is also provided for refreshing your carpets and rugs.

Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop detergent
The Bare Floor Pro includes two 500ml bottles of Vax Steam cleaning detergent, two microfibre cleaning pads and a carpet glider. Although I found all the box items apart from a missing bottle of detergent which I believe must have been used by the steam cleaner reviews team.

Peace of mind

A 2 year Vax guarantee gives you complete peace of mind. Vax’s UK based helpline is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable customer care advisor’s who are available to help 7 days a week.

Box Contains

  • 1 × Vax Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop + Detergent
  • 1 × Measuring jug
  • 2 × Microfibre Cleaning Pads
  • 1 × Carpet Glider
  • 2 × Vax Steam Detergent
  • 1 × Instruction manual
  • 1 × Guarantee registration card

Vax S2S Bare Floor Pro Steam Mop


The positive side of the vax S2S Bare Floor Pro steam cleaner are:

  • Light
  •  Easy to put together
  •  Easy to manipulate when cleaning
  •  Fast startup time
  • Ten mins of steam cleaning more than enough for the kitchen floor, utility and two bathrooms (it really is that fast)
  • Quick cool down time after use
  • Easy to clean the pads afterwards – just toss them in the washing machine (do not use conditioner) but make sure the cleaner is COOL before you try and remove them
  • Small to store, hardly takes up any room
  • No more smelly damp mops hanging around the house (I threw my mop and bucket away)

There are downsides though:

  • Can be a bit fiddly to get the cleaner housing off the machine to fill it with cleaner, took a few tries, but once you get the hang of it, it works just fine.
  • The Velcro pads are fine in the beginning, but how long will the Velcro last I’m wondering? I also pointed out that one of many pads kept slipping off as I worked. Easy to put back, but should not have happened.
  • It failed to pass steam cleaner reviews task which was to clean the dirt out of the groves.

Overall it is an excellent buy though; it cut my floor cleaning time down from a whole mornings cleaning and dry time to about fifteen mins, including setup and cool down of the machine. It was stress free and so easy to use. Therefore, I strongly suggest this product and steam cleaner reviews rate this product 9/10 considering it was easy to setup and use.

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