The Bissell Proheat Steam Cleaner May Assist in Preventing Breast Cancer

The Bissell Proheat Steam Cleaner May Assist in Preventing Breast Cancer

According to medical professionals, steam cleaners such as the popular Bissell Proheat steam cleaner may aid in preventing the onset of breast cancer. In 2012, a project was launched by a popular marketer of steam cleaners to decrease the overall costs of home steam cleaners so that more women could afford the units and, hopefully, eliminate their exposure to the highly toxic cleaning chemicals that could potentially increase a their chance for developing breast cancer. Based on studies conducted by medical doctors and scientists, the chemicals that are found within the traditional cleansing products used within the home on a regular basis may be contributing to the increase of breast cancer diagnoses. In the year 1975, a 50 year old woman had a 1% chance of developing breast cancer. At the time of the project launch, that percentage increased to 12%. As time progresses, this percentage continues to climb.

The doctors and scientists that have studied the effect of household cleaners have determined that, while the cleansing agents are effective in combatting germs and other types of debris in the home, they have the capability of detrimentally impacting the health of those that utilize the substances.

In most instances, the negative health effects pertained to the respiratory system; however, further studies indicated that women that used these chemicals were more likely to develop breast cancer. In order to eliminate the possible development of breast cancer, women are encouraged to use natural cleansing products or the combination of heat and water to combat debris in their homes. The Bissell Proheat steam cleaner does not require any harsh and/or toxic cleansing agents. All it requires is water. The water is then heated to such a high temperature that all types of germs, dirt, and other forms of debris are immediately eliminated.

In today’s world, those that have cancer, suffer from respiratory conditions, and are sensitive to organic compounds that are considered to be volatile are now avoiding traditional chemical cleaners that are sold over-the-counter.

Chemical-free cleaning is now becoming the way to go for people that desire to deep clean their home without the fear of placing their health at risk. Women who are at risk for developing breast cancer have used the Bissell Proheat steam cleaner and have found that their overall health is optimized and that they have yet to develop breast cancer. This project has resulted in remarkable findings and has now helped reduce the price of steam cleaners that are currently available on the market.

By using water in various types of ways, chemical-free cleaning is now considered to be exceptionally popular among those that have a high risk of developing breast cancer. When using the heated water from the Bissell Proheat steam cleaner to clean the home, it has been determined that, at least, 99.9% of all harmful viruses, forms of bacteria, dust mites, and other germs are completely eliminated. By switching to the Bissell Proheat steam cleaner for home cleaning activities, women are taking a positive and productive step in experiencing better health.