Steam Cleaners Tackle the Scary Spooks of the Season

Steam Cleaners Tackle the Scary Spooks of the Season

Now that summer has gone and fall has arrived, it is important to pull out your steam cleaner. These spectacular cleaning products are able to tackle all of the scary spooks of the season! Autumn results in a flurry of leaves, mud, and let’s not forget all that Halloween candy and makeup for costumes. Furthermore, your pets get in a winter coat that leads to more shedding and debris on your carpets. According to professional floor cleaners, these are the scariest spooks of the season – not those little ghosts and goblins that come to your door yelling out, “Trick or Treat”. If you want to tackle these scary spooks of the season, it is time to pull out your steam cleaner.

What is a Steam Cleaner?
A steam cleaner is a special cleaning appliance and/or device that utilizes steam in order to clean and sanitize various surfaces in and around the home –particularly the floors. The steam that is emitted from the steam cleaner is created within the boiler unit within the system that is warmed by a heating unit. Once water is placed in the reservoir of the unit, the heating element heats up the water to temperatures as low as 140°F and as high as 310°F. This results in the accumulation of low pressure in the unit. In turn, the water transforms into vapor and/or steam. The steam is then emitted from the unit. The ability of the unit to clean is based on the heat of the unit. The steam cleaner may be used on any type of cleanable surface through various tools, attachments, and similar accessories. This, then, breaks down the bonds of debris that the unit comes in contact with and effectively lifts them.

Fall Debris
If you have a steam cleaner, you will be pleased to know that it is possible to lift all types of fall debris. While the steam cleaner cannot tackle that colorful leaves that sometimes make their way into the home, they are able to combat dirt, dust, dander, and other forms of fall debris. The steam cleaner even has the unique capability of lifting stains associated with mud, Halloween candy, and Halloween costume makeup. Let’s face it, the fall months are highly active months. The crisp, cool air actually draws people outside. The football games and fall festivities have people moving in and out of homes more in order to enjoy cookouts and other activities. Halloween results in a lot of traffic and festivities, too. While fall is a time that is often revered by many, it is a time when your home has the capability of becoming extremely dirty. Now, you can tackle all of the spooks of the season by simply pulling out your steam cleaner!

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