Steam Cleaner Reviews: Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner Reviews: Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner

Karcher SC1020

I have been considering a steam cleaner for some time but wanted something i could trust and Karcher SC1020 is something you know is worth every penny. There are numerous models advertised on the shopping channels but I am always wary when it comes to buying something from a company that I have never heard of. Spares and consumables are always needed to keep these cleaning machines working.

Karcher is a brand name I know and trust I already own a pressure washer and it has been very reliable with good after-sales support when you need it. Steam cleaner reviews have tested many brands however I hadn’t seen any Karcher products reviewed so I decide to write this one in send it in.I brought my unit from the internet and saved £30 click here to get a similar discount I think the price will go as it’s a one of the best steam cleaners out there.


Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner Review

The Karcher SC 1020 steam cleaning station is one of the most hygienic and environmentally friendly ways to clean floors, tiles, work surfaces, taps and much more without using cleaning agents. Light and compact, it comes as standard with an innovative floor cleaning kit improving the cleaning performance and a hand tool, detail nozzle and round brush.

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Karcher SC1020 steam cleaner is easy to setup and Kacher provide good set of instructions once you have setup the cleaner it will take  8 minutes to get up to working steam from a cold water fill. If you fill it with hot water from the tap it only takes a couple of minutes. Make sure when the orange light has gone out, the first time you use it, you test it first.


The Karcher SC1020 steam cleaner is lighter than I expected and, although the tank only holds 1 litre of water, it does last for quite a while. At steam cleaner reviews always try to get the features and technical listed so you know what you’re buying in terms of the specs.

  Karcher SC1020 : Features & Benefits

  • New floor nozzle with cloth and extension tubes:For floor cleaning
  • Hand tool: To clean small surfaces
  • Compact size and light weight: Easy to transport
  • Detail nozzle: Concentrates steam jet on one spot
  • Round brush: Cleans small surfaces, cracks and angles
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Safety valve
  • Accessories storage
  • Parking position: For work interruptions and comfortable storage.

Technical Details

  • Heating output: 1,500 Watt
  • Steam pressure: 3.2 bar
  • Steaming time: Approx. 25 mins
  • Heat-up: 8 min
  • Tank capacity: 1litre
  • Unit weight: 3Kg.

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Now to the fun bit blasting those gems away from steam cleaner reviews.

Karcher SC1020 Performance Test

In my kitchen I had few moulds that I wanted to get rid in particular a black mould that had grown in the grouting behind the sink and no amount of wiping had removed, was easily blasted away. The Karcher SC1020 cleaned the back pvc door and glass beautifully – there isn’t a window attachment with this model, so I used my own squidgy thingy afterwards to remove the condensation; and again using the small brush attachment to scrub any stubborn spots and the glass came up lovely. Many of the readers at steam cleaner reviews might what I mean by squidgy thing its what the window cleaners use to remove the condensation.

karcher steam cleaner reviews

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I have laminate floors and they were quick and easy to clean – and dried much quicker than when I use the mop. I had hoped they would come up lovely and shiny and they haven’t. I am in rented accommodation and the laminate is quite badly scratched.

Bad points about the Karcher SC1020

There are a few niggles about the Karcher SC1020  you may find interesting such has; the power lead could do with being longer. A few more brush attachments would have been nice, and I found the handle of the steam gun did get quite hot after prolong bouts of steaming. The cloths supplied are great; but not fantastic quality so I imagine the cloths will fall apart after a few uses and washes. The real beauty of it is that you do not need chemicals and do not have to mop lots of water. Simply steam it and wipe it with a piece of cloth. If you like it clean, go for it.

Overall Very pleased with this Karcher SC1020 steam cleaner. I give it a 8/10 steam cleaner reviews rating and if you want a brand that you can trust its called Karcher.  The cheapest price I have found at the time of this writing is £89 with free delivery click here to buy.