Steam cleaner reviews: Holme Steam Mop HSM2001

Steam cleaner reviews:  Holme Steam Mop HSM2001

Holme Steam Mop HSM2001

In this steam cleaner reviews we going to look at the Holme steam mop HSM2001.This steam cleaner is currently selling at great discount and having a limited budget I decided to purchase this steam mop to help me clean the mess my kids. I am a mum of 3 and we have different types of flooring across the house from laminate floor to hard floor so I decided to write a review on this mop and send it to steam cleaner reviews.


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It was easy to assemble and the instructions were easy to read my tip is to put the handle together first, before you put the part into base. The cable length was adequate and I had no problem with it, I simply moved it from room to room as I went. I put it together very quickly without even having to look at the instructions although I did check the instructions just to double check I had done it right. The velcro pads fit on very easily, they are an excellent idea I have seen some models of steam cleaners where the pads tie on. I purchased extra pads Holme Steam Mop HSM2001 Replacement Pads x5 to go on the mop as you only get 2, and I’m so glad that I did as you will find out later in this steam cleaner reviews.

Holme Steam Mop HSM200 steam cleaner reviews

Steam cleaner reviews:  Technical Details

  • Steam Cleaning & Chemical Free Sanitisation
  • Three corner mop head allows you to clean almost anywhere
  • Suitable for carpet, tiles, sealed laminate, sealed wooden and sealed vinyl flooring
  • Automatic steam cut off when in the upright position
  • 20 minutes of steam time
  • 900 Watt
  •  Automatic steam cut off when in the upright position
  •  Preheating time: 30 seconds (approximately)
  •  450ml transparent water tank
  •  20 minutes of steam time (approximately)
  •  Refill tank at any time
  •  5m cable length

What’s in the box?


Once I had put it together all I had to do with fill the tank with water and plug it in. It heats up very quickly, 30 seconds according to the instructions, although I did not time it that sounds about right. Once heated up you just turn the button to open and close it again when finished.

Holme Steam Mop HSM200 padsHolme steam mop tank

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I did the hard floor in the downstairs toilet which was due a clean and also the kitchen floor which I had only done a couple of days ago. It seemed to get stains out quite easily much easier than my standard mop and my vax hard floor cleaner which I purchased once I read the review on steam cleaner reviews. I love the V-Shape to the mop head which makes it easy to get into the corners. I was amazed at just how much dirt was on the velcro pad when I had finished. I have now popped the Velcro pad in the washing machine to be washed when I next do a wash.

I cleaned my bamboo mat with the Glider, and was pleasantly surprised by the results it looks as good as new. I wouldn’t recommend you do this, but I was going to bin the mat anyway as it looked tired and slightly stained. It’s got a new lease of life, until i find something I like to replace it with. I could send it in as product tester for steam cleaner reviews but I think they would bin it too.

Steam Cleaner Reviews Movable Head

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The floor dries almost straight away, and the water tank was more than adequate for the room I was cleaning. Easy to refill and the floor dries almost straight away, so you can walk on it almost immediately after cleaning.

The only thing  niggle  I would add is that if you have a badly stained carpet you’re better off with a bespoke carpet cleaner, but if you want to freshen and lift your carpets up, this is superb with the glider for a quickie cleanse.

Overall my floors sparkling and has cleaned up marks from carpets quickly and efficiently. It is very light but sturdy enough. Now down to the steam cleaner reviews rating I bit stuck on what to rate this I am happy with the product but it’s not something I get excited by. I think this gets a rating of 7/10 rating.

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