Spring Steam Cleaning Tips

Spring Steam Cleaning Tips

There are several spring cleaning tips that will assist you in giving your home a top-to-bottom seasonal buffering. The most productive of these tips involve the use of steam cleaning. Not only will you find that spring cleaning with steam will effectively remove dirt, grime, and other forms of debris from your home, it will assist in completely sanitizing your home.

From packing and storing up all of those winter clothes and blankets, washing those windows, dusting your ceiling fans, and cleaning your floors, coming clean in the spring season is considered to be an American tradition that is both positive and productive when it comes to the health of your home, as well your health and the health of your loved ones.

If you want a happy, healthy home, follow these simple spring cleaning tips for optimal success.

Steam Cleaning Your Carpets and Upholstery

The first job that should be tackled when spring cleaning is taking the time to steam clean your carpets and the upholstery pieces throughout your home. Fabrics that have made it through a winter have absorbed a wide assortment of dirt and debris.

Examples include dirt, oils from the body, and germs. In order to get your carpets and upholstery pieces for another year of wear and tear, you will need to pull out your steam cleaner, heat up the unit, and tackle those areas of your home.

By steam cleaning these sections of your home, you will not need any harsh cleansing agents. The cleaning device that you use has a built-in water tank that warms water to, at least, 140°F. When water reaches this temperature, it has the unique ability to deep clean and effectively kill infectious agents, such as bacteria, viruses, and mites.

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Steam Cleaning Walls, Windows, and Counter Surfaces

Once you have tackled your carpets and the upholstery pieces in your home, it is time to engage in the act of steam cleaning your walls, windows, and the counter surfaces throughout your home. Before using your steam cleaner in order to clean these areas in the home, it is important to ensure that they are all heat-resistant.

Once you have made this determination and have decided that it is safe to do so, you may then use the attachments of your steam cleaning unit in order to clean walls and windows. You should start as close to the ceiling as possible and work your way down. Once this task has been completed, you may then use the attachments to clean the counter spaces in your kitchen, bathrooms, and other regions of the home.

This spring cleaning step will eliminate debris and potentially harmful germs from a vast array of surfaces within your home in a very quick fashion. Best of all, you will not have the need to purchase expensive cleaners to handle these tasks. The steam emitted from the heated water in your steam cleaner takes care of it all!

Steam Cleaning Remaining Floor Surfaces

The final step in spring cleaning with your steam cleaning device is to tackle the remaining floor surfaces in your home – the hardwood floors, vinyl flooring, tiled floors, etc…. While a steam cleaner has the ability to clean carpets and upholstery, it is also quite productive in tackling other types of floors.

Not only will the steam cut deep through stains and debris that has accumulated through the winter months, it has the ability to provide a long-lasting shine that makes your floors look new again!


By using the spring steam cleaning tips contained throughout this guide, you have the unique ability to cut through the dirt and debris that has invaded your home through the winter months and provide your home with a fresh, new, clean look.

In addition to this, by using the steam cleaning device, you will be able to effectively sanitize all the surfaces of your home, thereby, eliminating potentially hazardous agents, such as viruses, bacteria, mites, and other types of allergens and infectious agents. Spring cleaning is more than just deep-cleaning; it is a process that allows you to rejuvenate and bring new life into the indoor surfaces of your home that will last all season long!