Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 4

Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 4

spring-cleaning-with-steam-ceiling-fanIn these past few weeks, we have shared our guides, “Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 1”, “Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 2”, and “Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 3”. This week, we continue with our concluding guide, “Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 4”. To this point, you have received instruction on how to use your steam cleaner to tackle your walls, cabinets, baseboards, hard floors, windows, upholstery, mattresses, curtains, countertops, and appliances. While your home is likely smelling exceptionally fresh, looking incredibly clean, and is nearing the point of complete sanitation, there are still a couple of more areas that you need to tackle – the ceiling fans and carpets. Once you have finished these areas, your home will be all ready for the remaining spring months, the summer months, and the winter months!

Steam Clean Your Ceiling Fans

The dust and other types of debris that accumulates on the ceiling fans throughout your home are typically seldom observed by others. This is why most individuals elect to tackle this task towards the end of their spring cleaning endeavors. It is common for dust, dirt, and other forms of grime to build-up on the blades, housing motor, and lighting canisters of ceiling fans throughout the year. Not only do these types of debris damage the finish of the fan and have a detrimental impact on its functionality, it could also result in numerous health complications to the people and pets that are exposed to the flying debris when it is in operation. First, you should simply dust all of the surfaces of the fan. Next, you use attachments of your steam cleaner in order to clean the blades and other areas. When taking this measure, you may find that the attachment hoses are too small to reach the blades. Simply set up a card table or another sturdy surface that your steam cleaner may be placed in order to ensure that you have ample hose length. You should not have to take apart the ceiling fan to steam clean. Once the task is finished, wipe all areas of the ceiling fan with a cloth to remove any remaining moisture.

Steam Clean Your Carpets

The final area that you must address when spring cleaning with steam is the carpets located throughout your home. Carpets hold a lot of debris, such as stains, set-in dirt, mites, pollutants, and allergens. In order to successfully remove this debris, the carpet must be exposed to a high-temperature steam. While you may purchase a steam cleaner that is designed, specifically, for carpets, you may also utilize a traditional steam cleaner on carpets. Just move the furniture, completely vacuum the floors, start in the far corner of each room, and allow the carpet to completely dry after completing the steam cleaning process.


Spring cleaning with steam is a highly effective process that will lift dirt, eliminate allergens, destroy mites and other potentially infectious agents, and leave your home completely sanitized. Simply follow the steps in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of our “Spring Cleaning with Steam” guides and your home will be the cleanest it has ever been! Best of all, by using your standard steam cleaner; you will not have a need to purchase any type of over-the-counter cleansing agents! The heated water does all the work! Spring cleaning with steam will leave your home looking great, smelling wonderfully, and incredibly healthy all year long!