Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 3

Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 3

In this past couple of weeks, we have released our guides, “Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 1” and “Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 2”. This week, we are continuing with our third installment, “Spring Cleaning with Steam Part 3”.

If you have been following the guides, you now have completed the tasks of steam cleaning your walls, cabinets, baseboards, hard floors, windows, upholstery, mattresses, and curtains. In this week’s guide, we will focus on the countertops and appliances of your home. For these cleaning activities, you will need to obtain attachments and other cleaning tools that will fit onto your steam cleaner in order to complete the tasks easily and safely.

Steam Clean Your Countertops

The countertops in your kitchen and your bathroom attract a lot of dirt and debris. It is not at all uncommon to find coffee stains, spots of grease, or food stains on your kitchen countertops. It is common to find dirt, dust, and soap buildup on the countertops in your bathroom. For all of the dirt that you are able to see, there is also a lot of debris that you are unable to see. Examples include bacteria, viruses, germs, and other potentially infectious agents.

It is essential that you thoroughly clean these areas of the home completely on a regular basis. In order to do this, use a countertop cleaning attachment on your steam cleaner. The heat of the steam will cut through all the dirt and grime, leaving your countertops free of debris and infectious substances! Always use attachments or cleaning tools for this steam cleaning job. Never attempt to lift and use your steam cleaner directly on top of your countertops. Not only does this result in a higher risk for injury, it is not exactly sanitary to place a cleaning product that has come in contact with your floors on your counters.

Steam Clean Your Appliances

Once you have finished steam cleaning your countertops, the next spring cleaning with steam activity will be tackling the appliances in your home. Examples of appliances that will benefit from the use of heated steam are your stove, your refrigerator, and your deep freezer. Other appliances, such as the microwave, may benefit from a small use of steam, but, you must be very careful with these smaller appliances. As long as you use the proper cleaning tools and attachments, you may clean the inside and the outside of your larger appliances with ease. You should start on the inside and work your way out. That way, you are able to tackle all surfaces without redoing anything.


Spring cleaning with steam is an easy and enjoyable activity. You will need more than just your upright steam cleaner, though. In order to tackle many of the jobs outlined in these spring cleaning guides, you will need to obtain attachments and cleaning tools that are made for the steam cleaner that you own. These specially-designed tools will allow you to tackle a large multitude of surfaces within the home and even outside of the home. If you are ready to thoroughly clean and sanitize your home, spring cleaning with steam is an absolute must!