Many Bothersome Chores Are Astonishingly Great for Your Health

Many Bothersome Chores Are Astonishingly Great for Your Health

Amazingly, it has been discovered that many chores that we find to be bothersome are actually quite beneficial to our health! These chores have the ability to lower our stress levels, provide an instantaneous boost to our immune system, aid in protecting us from devastating health conditions, such as heart disease, and actually make us happy! In this brief guide, you will be presented with a multitude of chores that you should perform on a regular basis in order to optimize your physical and psychological health!

Washing Dishes
Oh, what dread we feel when it comes time to wash all of those dishes! However, a recent study conducted by Florida State University established that anxiety and nervousness experienced by the 51 participants was actually reduced approximately 27% when they were washing dishes. This improvement came from those that really put a lot of thought and effort into the task. It is believed that the kinesthetic act of touching each of the dishes, the warmth of the water used to clean the dishes, and the aroma of the dish soap all contributed to this reduction in nervousness and anxiety. The next time you are feeling anxious, bypass the dishwasher and opt to hand wash your dishes!

Steam Cleaning
Let’s face it; steam cleaning takes a little effort and time – regardless of if you are using the device on your hard floors, your carpet, your furniture, the counters, or any other surface throughout the home. According to statistics, individuals that steam clean on a regular basis have a 30% less of a risk of developing a cardiovascular complication, such as a stroke or a heart attack. This stems from the fact that movements are required to effectively steam clean. In fact, the whole body receives an awesome workout! You move your arms back and forth, you move your legs back and forth, and you empty out and fill up that heavy reservoir! Need to get in shape? Want to reduce the chance that you will develop heart disease? Pull out the steam cleaner!

Clean Surfaces with Citrus
We all have the dreaded responsibility of cleaning all those surfaces throughout our home. The counters, the sinks, the tables, the lamps, the ceiling fans, the tubs, the showers, the dressers, the appliances, the toilets, the windows, and even the floors and walls! This is, admittedly, not a very enjoyable task. This is especially true if you use a small sponge to do the scrubbing; however, it must be done. When cleaning surfaces, be certain that you use cleaners with a citrus scent! Citrus is considered to be an instant mood booster! You will feel happier, you will experiences fewer bouts of stress, and anxiety will be completely eliminated!

Cleaning Naturally Boosts the Immune System
Now, you know that washing the dishes, steam cleaning, and cleaning the surfaces of your home with a citrus-scented cleaner will ALL provide an instant boost to your health! Now, here is the totally awesome news; cleaning naturally boosts the immune system! It does not matter which chore you perform, or how deep you clean, all cleaning will eliminate potentially harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi that has the ability to make you sick! Isn’t that absolutely amazing?!? Now you are ready to get those cleaning supplies out and reap the health-related rewards of your endeavors!

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