Kärcher SC1 Premium Steam Cleaner with Floor Kit

Kärcher SC1 Premium Steam Cleaner with Floor Kit

Only my mother would pack a steam cleaner in her bags for a mother daughter get-a-way. But that is exactly how I was introduced to the SC1 Premium Steam Cleaner.

I sat my bags in the far corner of the hotel room and fell face first onto the bed. Long drive. My mother started unpacking. And when she pulled a bag of attachments and a yellow gadget out of her luggage I thought she had possibly lost her mind. I watched with the greatest of interest as she quickly put all of the pieces together and whisked off to the bathroom to fill the little yellow thingy with water. A few minutes later she was steaming her skirts and slacks. And then, my mother, who had not been on a trip for seven years, left the steam cleaner plugged in and went into the bathroom. I jumped out of bed and stood in the doorway in time to see her steam cleaning the hotel sink.

Why was she cleaning 5 minutes into vacation?  Why was she cleaning a hotel bathroom that had been cleaned prior to our arrival? She simply said there was no point in wasting the water that was left after getting the wrinkles out of her clothes, that she had worked in a hotel when she was first married, that “fancy lobbies and beautiful paintings do not equal clean.” My mother is a lovely, and sometimes peculiar woman.  And yes, one week after we returned from our trip, I ordered my own. Mostly because I believe in novelty and amusement.

If you are shopping for a new steam cleaner The Kärcher SC1 Premium Steam Cleaner, with Floor Kit may be the best investment you can make. I may have ordered it out of random silliness but it was a good choice. Since then I have learned that Kärcher has been in the cleaning product business longer than many and have earned a well respected name in the business. This particular model has impressive features that are perfect for your household cleaning needs.

Let’s get straight to the clencher…this steam cleaner has a different kind of functionality. There are other products on the market that are steam mops that have a detachable handheld cleaner.  But Kärcher is the first to come out with a handheld that can be easily transformed into a steam mop using an attachment. This may sound like two different ways to say the same thing. But the difference is because the focus is on the handheld feature, it is more lightweight than other steam mops with detachable tanks (1.6 kg). This makes for easy use, more ergonomic and logical placement of hand control features as well as more convenient storage options.


Why I like using my Kärcher SC1

It’s easy. That’s the number one reason. I’ve read a few reviews out there (before and I after I got my own). Most reviews are good. Some complain about the smaller amount of water it holds, which makes for refilling more often. I can honestly say that if you don’t already have a steam cleaner this is a perfect option. And if you have one and you are tired of dragging it around the house then this lightweight model may be a welcome change for you. For me it works great for daily cleaning as well as spring cleaning projects. One advantage of the smaller tank is that it only takes a few minutes to heat up so you can get to work quickly when you need to. It’s easy for me to plug it into the outside outlet and use it to clean the grime off the wheels on my car, my car seats, and I use it for upkeep on the siding around my front porch. I would never do that with my old steam cleaner because it would be awkward to haul it outside.

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Check out a few key features of the Kärcher SC1 Premium Steam Cleaner with Floor Kit, 1200 Watt, 3 Bar:

  • small and compact for easy use and storage
  • heats up in just 3 minutes
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • safe, chemical free cleaning
  • Multifunctional usage
  • 3 bar pressure for deep cleaning
  • cable clip for easy storage
  • affordable multipurpose steam cleaner compared to other models
  • only available since December of 2014, the model uses the latest technology
  • 1200 watts and earns an  Energy Class A rating

What you get when you order the Kärcher SC1 Premium Steam Cleaner with Floor Kit

Kärcher SC1 chartYour kit includes one SC1 steam cleaner, floor nozzle, hand tool, detail nozzle, round nylon brush, power nozzle, cotton floor cloth, cotton hand cloth and accessory bag.

The “lamellae” floor tool is one of Kärcher’s previous innovations. This synthetic plate-like layering of materials mimics certain biological structure in form and allows for a deeper cleaning. This tool head was previously tested to be 35% more efficient than other products.

What can I clean with my new SC1 Premium steam cleaner?

Kärcher SC1 kitchenThe versatility of this product will not disappoint. You can use the hand tool, hose and hand cloth to clean oven and bathroom extractor fans. The lightweight mobility of the handheld makes it easier to tackle jobs requiring a step ladder than some other models. The accessories included make cleaning tubs, flooring, work surfaces, glass, mirrors, and hard to reach places such as corners and crevices much easier. In my home when I use a broom or traditional mop I am always left with a thin line of pet hair, dirt and grime where my hardwood flooring comes up against the trim of my kitchen laminate. I use the power nozzle to knock it out of the cracks and wipe up the debri easily. As with any product, you will want to make sure you are using your steam cleaner on surfaces that are safe for use.

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Are steam cleaners safe to use?

Kärcher SC1 safetyThere are a few features that the Kärcher SC1 Premium Steam Cleaner has going for it that will put your mind at ease, especially if you have younger children in your home.

  • Kärcher products created for household use are equipped with a child safety lock
  • This product contains a safety boiler cap that can only be opened once the pressure is released
  • The accessory bag and small size of the overall unit allow you to store the steam cleaner in a space out of children’s reach if you feel it is a necessary precaution
  • The accessories are created to maximize impact and minimize waste, allowing for more target specific cleaning and reducing the risk of accidentally applying the steam to an undesired area
  • The steam release button puts you in control of when you want to release the steam from the cleaner

If you are looking to purchase an affordable model from a trusted name, have the convenience of a lightweight handheld steam cleaner (with a great kit of attachments) and a steam mop all in one purchase…