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Steam Cleaner Reviews

Many individuals associate steam cleaners with carpets and upholstery but steam cleaners have many functions. They make life easier by removing dirt, grime and other cleaning nightmares which might suddenly occur. Steam cleaners can make short work of difficult cleaning tasks and its very fashionable compared to a mop and a bucket. On this website, we will take you through all the basic features and also you show you some top steam cleaner reviews.

How to choose the best steam cleaner?

Steam Cleaner Reviews Bissell Steam Mop

Steam is a natural source and a cleaner just utilises clean water to create a powerful pressure force, this allows the steam to kill well known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria and salmonella. Dirt and grime have adhesive qualities that enables them to stick to many surfaces. The heat of a steam cleaner melts this adhesive and the dampness also removes the adhesive.  The steam also leaves no toxic residues on the surfaces and is environmentally friendly, it can be used for a wide variety of tasks.

Many steam cleaners reach high optimal temperature in short space of time some achieve this in minutes and it is advised that you keep these away from kids and animals. One of the things you should look out for is a child safety lock and to make sure it’s child proof. Check out our how to choose a steam cleaner article for more information.

What should I look for in a steam cleaner?

When you are considering a steam cleaner be sure to have a look at the specifications and what tools and attachments are provided.

Storage – if you are short on storage then you will need to consider they type of steam cleaner you require.

Mobility – When using a cleaner for cleaning floors its important the steam cleaner can move easily and doesn’t restrict your cleaning flow.

Portability – Try and avoid hand-held units which you will be holding all the time as they get heavy very quickly.

Types of Steam Cleaners

There are 3 types of steam cleaners to choose from. We’ll show you the abilities of each type so you know which one is suitable for you.

Cylinder steam cleaners

Steam Cleaner Reviews The Earlex Ewbank Steam Cleaner side

Steam Cleaners have got a main body, bendy hose pipe and nozzle. They look similar to a vacuum cleaner and have great mobility and are easy to pull around the house. Cylinder Steam Cleaners do have a disadvantage they have smaller tanks due to being some compact.


Hand-held Steam  Cleaners

Steam Cleaner Reviews the Vax S4

Hand held steam cleaners are small,easy to carry and can be used to get to those unreachable places such has small areas. These hand-held cleaners are suitable for people will do the odd steam clean and want to use it to clean things like their toilet or kitchen sink. These can be heavy once load with water.

Steam Mops

Steam Cleaner Reviews :Morphy Richards supersteam steam mop

Steam Mops are delivery more steam power and convenient steam cleaning. These are usually light and upright mops with a water tank attached to the handle. They tend to have less or no attachments.

 What to look out for…

When you are reading the best steam cleaner reviews make sure read about heat up time; the time it takes to turn water into steam. Many steam cleaners have fast heat times and generally are ready for use in couple of minutes.

The steaming time is referred to for how long you can use until the next refill. The smaller the water tank means usually shorter bursts of steam. Steam cleaners can steam from 15 minutes up-to an hour or so.

Another thing to check is the steam output usually measured in grams (g) of steam per minute and if this figure is high then steam is more powerful.

What’s the best steam cleaner?

In the UK there are several brands which offer steam cleaners however currently there is one clear market leader. Vax is the current market leader for steam cleaners and it owns popular steam cleaners such as the Bare floor Pro,S5 kitchen and Bathroom Master and S2S hard floor steam mop.

Vax is widely known to have UK’s best-selling floor care brand and offers wide range of carpet,upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners. Additionally it also sells steam cleaners and hard floor cleaners. Many people will know Vax from its iconic orange tub cleaner which was launched in 1979.

Another brand know for its iconic yellow products is Karcher which offers range of steam cleaners. We recently reviewed the Karcher SC1020 , they offer excellent performance and reliability .

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