Eliminate Carpet Toxins with Steam

Eliminate Carpet Toxins with Steam

In recent years, many studies have concluded that both new and old carpets contain a multitude of toxins. These toxins are highly noticeable in new carpeting. Upon installation, you have probably noticed a very strong, “new carpet smell”. Though this may be pleasing to the senses, this smell is a sign that the carpeting is releasing a large assortment of toxic and highly volatile organic-based compounds into the air of your home. These compounds include, but, are not limited to, formaldehyde, toluene, acetaldehyde, benzene, and many more. Naturally, the exposure to these carpet toxins could prove detrimental to your health. Research has concluded that using a steam cleaner on your carpets will eliminate carpet toxins, therefore, optimizing the safety of the air inside of your home and reducing the possibility for negative health effects to occur.

Health Problems

As mentioned in the introduction of this guide, both new and old carpets contain a multitude of toxic substances. New carpets seem to have the highest concentrations of these substances. When exposed to carpet toxins, it is not at all unusual to experience moderate to severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, nerve problems, skin sensitivities, eye irritation, nose irritation, throat irritation, rashes, and the onset of respiratory issues, such as bronchitis and asthma. The most severe response to the carpet toxins, according to animal tests, was the development of cancer. Toxins that are present on carpets are considered to be the most dangerous because they accumulate within the interior region and air of your home. When these toxins are released outside, the outside air aids in their dilution; however, this dilution is not possible within the inside of the home, so, exposure is consistent and exceptionally strong. By using a steam cleaner on your carpets, you will be able to rid your carpets of these toxic substances.

Examples of Additional Toxins in Old and New Carpets

In addition to the toxic substances mentioned in the introduction of this guide, there are several other toxins that are present in both old and new carpeting throughout homes. The following outlines some examples of these substances:

  • In older carpets, there are numerous substances that contain chemicals that were used in the older days of carpet production that have since been banned by the industry due to the fact that they have proven to result in health problems among people and pets.
  • Most carpets have toxins that are not chemically-produced. These include dust mites, mold, mildew, and other products that are brought in on the bottom of shoes and pets.
  • If pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals are used in the home, those substances will settle within the carpet and remain there for many years to come.
  • Heavy metals that are often found in the soil are often found in carpeting.
  • Flame retardants and stain protectants that are often in carpets are considered to be toxics.
  • Antimicrobial treatments, synthetically-produced dyes, and various types of household cleaner residues may settle into carpets and cause health issues.


By using a steam cleaner, you have no need for synthetically-produced household cleaners. All you need is water and electricity to heat the heating eliminate in the reservoir of the steam cleaner. Not only will using a steam cleaner aid in diluting the toxins that are inside of your carpets throughout your home, it will aid in cleaning the air of the home; therefore, reducing the amount of toxins that you and your loved ones are exposed to. Steam cleaners are the ultimate solution for eliminating toxins from the home and truly cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, therein.

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