DIY Steam Cleaning Recipes

DIY Steam Cleaning Recipes

In most instances, a steam cleaner only requires the use of the heated steam vapor from the tap water that is placed in the reservoir with the heating element in order to clean the home; however, many people have found that, by creating their own cleaning recipes to put in the water tank, it provides them with a higher level of cleaning power. If you have special surfaces that need to be cleaned or exceptional power to eliminate stubborn stains, you may benefit from learning a little about cleaning recipes that may be used in conjunction with your steam cleaner.

1.     DIY Upholstery Cleaner
If you have recently discovered that your furniture upholstery requires a little bit of cleaning, you should combine a cup of hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of Dawn dish soap in the water tank of your steam cleaner. You should then attach your upholstery attachment to the device and power it on. Once the steam vapors are being emitted from the steam cleaner, simply use the attachment over the stain. The hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap combined with the heated water will remove virtually any stain in any type of upholstered furniture!

2.     DIY Rust Remover
Rust is a silent and subtle enemy that has the unique ability to sneak up on door knobs, cabinet components, plumbing fixtures, and even furniture pieces throughout the home. While it is a known fact that rust comes in various forms, the most common forms among households is the rust that develops from iron oxides. This is where metal is directly exposed to water or moisture in the air and actually becomes oxygenated. Unfortunately, over-the-counter rust removers have been found to possess a large number of toxins. In order to remove rust naturally, simply combine baking soda and lime to your steam cleaner reservoir and use an appropriate attachment for the surface once the steam cleaner is heated. You will find that this easily wipes away that troublesome rust.

3.     DIY All-Purpose Cleaner
If you have a steam cleaner, you know that the product may be used on a vast array of surfaces – from your floors to your ceiling fans. If you want to clean various surfaces, you will need an all-purpose cleaner that may be safely used in your steam cleaner. Basically, you will just need to place 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide to every 3 cups of water used, as well as ¼ cup of lemon juice. You may use this cleaning recipe on your floors, counters, windows, mirror, furniture, and a lot of other surfaces!

There are many different types of DIY recipes for your steam cleaner. Most people simply use the tap water that is placed in the unit and heated for cleaning; however, there are instances where additional cleaning power is needed. Then, there are cases where one will simply want to leave behind a nice, clean scent after cleaning. This is where these recipes come into play. If you use these recipes, you will find that your home is not only clean, but, it is also completely sanitized and deodorized.

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