Creatively Using Your Steam Cleaner In & Around the Home: Our Top 10 List

Creatively Using Your Steam Cleaner In & Around the Home: Our Top 10 List

There are many creative ways to use your steam cleaner in & around the home. The steam cleaner that you own is designed in such a way that water is heated in excess of the traditional boiling point and then forced out from the device as a type of pressurized steam. The steam is emitted through a nozzle, a brush, a microfiber pad, or another type of attachment. The heated vapor not only loosens dirt and lifts grime, but, it has the unique potential to kill dust mites, harmful bacteria, and other types of allergens that may prove to be detrimental to the health. The following outlines the top 10 most creative ways that you may safely use your steam cleaner in & around the home:

  1. The first creative use for your steam cleaner is to clean the tile and grout throughout your home. It does not matter if it is on the walls, on the floors, or inside your shower/bath area; the steam vapor emitted from the steam cleaner will lift dirt, dust, and other types of grime quickly and effectively.
  2. Do you often struggle cleaning your ceiling fans? Are you tired of pulling out the ladder and dusting the blades only to have the dust fall down on your face and end up on your expensive furniture? If so, use a long attachment with your steam cleaner and easily swipe away all the dust and debris on your fan. Not only is this easier, but, it is also quicker!
  3. Door knobs, cabinet handles, drawer knobs, and light switched throughout your home are all touched frequently and subjected to numerous germs. Use your steam cleaner to remove these germs from these surfaces.
  4. Do you like to grill out but dread cleaning your grill? If so, you will be pleased to know that you may quickly and easily clean your grill with your steam cleaner!
  5. While cleaning your grill, pull out the racks in your oven and clean those with your steam cleaner, too!
  6. Many people today are starting to create outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately, the environmental conditions may detrimentally impact the patio furniture. No need to fret, though, simply pull out your steam cleaner and clean up those furniture pieces. The steam cleaner will leave your outdoor furniture looking brand new for years to come!
  7. Do you have a bird or other animal that spends time in a wire pet cage? If so, you know and understand the hassles of cleaning such products. To make things easier on yourself, simply clean the cage with the steam cleaner.
  8. We all want our car to look and run fantastic; unfortunately, detailing and engine cleaning are both rather expensive. If you want to do it on the cheap, use the steam cleaner to degrease your engine and the rims on your tires!
  9. Toilets are subjected to many germs and toxins. To clean and disinfect your toilet, use your steam cleaner!
  10. Is your iron on the fritz? If so, turn on your steam cleaner and run it across your clothing to remove those nasty wrinkles!

To discover more creative uses for your steam cleaner, click HERE.

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