Basic Steam Cleaner Maintenance Tips

Basic Steam Cleaner Maintenance Tips

As a steam cleaner owner, it is important that you know and understand that you will need to perform maintenance  steam cleaner will vary according to model, but, overall, this is a veon your unit on an occasional basis. Regular use will require a bit of regular maintenance. The maintenance steps associated with yourry simple process that will aid in protecting your investment. For more detailed information on how to properly maintain your appliance, you should refer to the detailed information included from the manufacturer of your device. This article will present basic steps that may be performed on any type of steam cleaner.

Outside In
When working to maintain your steam cleaner, you should start on the outside and work your way in to the inside. First, you should remove any and all cloths, towels, pads, and bonnets that you use when you use your steam cleaner. When washing these items, only use hot water and avoid using a liquid fabric softener. When you are drying these items, be certain that you avoid using a dryer sheet. These sheets often contain various types of chemicals and an assortment of fragrances. When they are heated by the dryer, these substances are absorbed by the clothes and fabrics that are in the dryer. You want to avoid these substances coming in contact with the components of your steam cleaner.

The next step to properly maintaining your steam cleaner is to wipe down the attachments that are part of the device, as well as the exterior surface of the cleaner. You may not realize it, but, steam cleaners may attract a large amount of debris, over time. Examples include grime, dirt, and dust. Whole cleaning the attachments of the device, be certain to evaluate the bristles and other components of the attachments. Eventually, you may find that the time comes when these will need to be repaired and/or replaced. Next, it is time to move to the inside of the steam cleaner. The first and main step is to thoroughly clean out the water tank of the device. Then, you must descale your steam cleaner.

Removing Scale
Hard water scale is considered to be the most common, yet most overlooked, aspect of cleaning and caring for your steam cleaner. Most overlook this because the boiler of the unit cannot be seen. Minerals and other types of substances are found in all types of water. When water is placed in a steam cleaner, the boiler unit heats it and turns it into a steam. Immediately after, a scale of deposits of these minerals may develop and be left behind on the boiler tank, resulting in its performance to be detrimentally impacted. In order to descale your unit you may either buy a commercial descaler or you may create your own solution by combining baking soda and water. For more information about caring for your steam cleaner, or to read more ways to use your steam cleaner, click HERE.

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